Steel and Concrete structures Design

Do to the fact that, the need to provide housing is one of the most essential needs of growing communities, on the other hand, in result of the active faults in our country, all structures should have the best performance against possible earthquakes. It does not mean excessive use of construction materials. It is clear that damaging structures and destroying them due to natural (and unnatural) factors both destroys personal capital and wastes the country's construction resources.

Therefore, the most important goal of our company is to design structures with optimal performance, in addition to providing stability and structure, are economically viable.

The steps for designing a structure are as follows:

  1. Initial inspection and control of structural and architectural constraints of the site
  2. Appropriate selection of structural and non-structural materials
  3. choosing the best type of roof to control and distribute gravity and lateral loads
  4. Selecting the best and most suitable lateral seismic system
  5. Select the best type of connections
  6. Careful analysis and design of all structural and non-structural elements in accordance with drawing codes
  7. Preparation of de tailed executive plans (step2) taking into account all executive issues and regulations