About Us


Amin Bana Bon has more than two decades of activity in construction of various buildings, strengthening existing structures such as buildings, dams, bridges and roads with experienced staff in the field of consulting and design, optimization of buildings and stabilization of the pit.we have been able to Value engineering process(means to Reduce project costs(and optimization of construction projects based on new construction technologies such as top down,in addition increase safety and speed of execution.

Amin Bana Bon is known as a leader in the method of execution of top down either metal or concrete buildings and composites with a variety of materials and construction technologies (such as prefabricated and semi-prefabricated concrete sections, CFT sections, SRC, durable forms (super formwork) and load-bearing panels and Non-bearing and ......). it has performed its services based on research and development methods and in this regard, in addition to safe and economical implementation of buildings, especially in combination with the stabilization of the pit, an effective step in the development and promotion of construction technology And the commercialization of new technologies.